Let us stand with Raif Badawi – as long as it takes

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Another year gone and the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi is still in prison. On 17 june he will have spent six years as a prisoner.  So far our hopes have been disappointed, that the ongoing reforms in Saudi-Arabia reach out to the prison of Dhaban where not only Raif Badawi but as well his attorney and brother in law, Waleed Abu al-Khair serve their  long and harsh prison terms.

No doubt, any step away from the restrictions that so long have hemmed in the lives of the people and most especially the women in Saudi-Arabia is an overdue relief and welcome. Another encouraging step certainly was the restrictions for the ever vigiliant and waspish religious police. On the other hand, it is galling, that while many of Raif Badawi’s demands are being fulfilled step by tiny step, their author still remains isolated behind bars.

From far away and out of…

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