Feline Tales

Cats enrich our lives in many ways. They fascinate us with their unique personalities and their profound understanding of life well-balanced between comfort and independence. Of course felines are also well-known for their elegance, their agile and yet careful way to move which makes them look as light as a feather while they jump. And of course the healing power of the purr shall not be neglected. Often cats care for us when no one else is around. They have open hearts for our feelings and know exactly when we need them most, just as if they could feel the vibrations of our thoughts with their whiskers.
Although I never had a cat on my own, they have always had an important role in my life since I was a child. As part of a school project I started collecting cat stories when I was about ten years old to collect them in a book. Now, more than ten years later, I would love to start this project once more, this time in a digital form.
There are many cats that have crossed my path and touched my heart. Slowly but steadily I am going to add their stories here. My vision of this blog however is not just a monologue, I dream of it becoming a space where there is a plurality of contributions so varied and colorful as the felines themselves. I hope to create a dialogue of voices from all over the world. Therefore contributions from readers are highly appreciated as their make this collection of Feline Tales more vivid. May it be a memory of a beloved feline friend, fiction, poetry, a picture, a drawing…
May I invite you to visit the Feline Tales blog?