Obituary for the kitten that turned out to be too tiny to survive or every ending marks the beginning of something new

Today I’d like to share with you my latest project. Since my childhood I have loved to be among cats and kittens. Already back then I had loved to collect cat stories. Now inspired by the particular feline whom this post is dedicated to, I have decided to start this project anew, this time in the form of a blog.
Thus, if you share that very same passion for our feline companions, take your time to have a look to this project and if you want to, you can share your own cat story.
Work is still in progress. At this point everything is just in English, other languages are about to follow….

Feline Tales


Cats of all characters, sizes and colors have always played an important role in my life. This spring however I discovered something that indeed changed my life. It was a pure coincidence but it has affected me so intensely. I was looking for some cute kitten therapy on YouTube when I stepped over Tinykittens for the very first time. Soon however I discovered that it gives me so much more than just some cute feline distraction from the sorrows of the everyday life. I have learnt so much about cats, especially about feral ones, since then and this whole process has brought my passion and appreciation to an unprecedented level.

Besides the fact that it provides you with online kitten therapy as much as 24 hours a day, it is Tinykittens’ philosophy that has touched me so much. Basically it is that every cat as an individual deserves the chance…

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